ECN 510, Spring 2019

ECN 510, “Advanced Game Theory and Economic Strategy” meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:15-3:35 p.m.

The syllabus is available here. All other material will be available on the Blackboard course website.

This is a new course for Spring 2019. It is an accelerated version of ECN 421, so it is not possible to receive credit for both ECN 421 and this ECN 510. The prerequisite for ECN 510 is ECN 311 or ECN 601. ECN 510 is appropriate for B.S. Economics majors, Masters’ students and non-Economics Ph.D. students.

The course structure of ECN 510 will be similar to ECN 421. The class size will likely be significantly smaller and the pace will be faster, so all the same topics will be covered in the two classes, but we will also be able to cover more in 510 than in 421. I also expect to be able to cover more real life applications and to provide more chances to learn how to build game-theoretic models in ECN 510.

Here’s an example of one difference: in ECN 421, we will see that in the Prisoners’ Dilemma, the social optimum cannot be achieved in a one shot game because individual incentives override what’s best for the group. In ECN 510, we will also see how this problem can be overcome through repeated interaction or a formal contract combined with a court that enforces the contract.

Please email me at with any questions about which course is most appropriate for you.